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VIDEO: Optimizing Sleep Part 3: How Poor Sleep is Ruining Your Brain!

In this video, I review the neurological/cognitive/brain consequences of poor sleep. In the next few videos I will review the 3 main causes of poor sleep and what to do about them. PERFORM AT YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL by Optimizing Your Psychology, Physiology, & Neurology By blending neuroscience, physiology, and peak performance strategies we help #leaders​, […]

VIDEO: How to Properly Use Your To-Do List–PART II

In this 2nd video in my To-Do List series, I review how to use your To-Do List for best results. If you would rather read than watch, below are my notes/script that I used to make the video: ​ As I note in Part I, If you want to be successful, at regular intervals you […]

VIDEO: Willpower Part 3–How To Stop Willpower Drain

This is the 3rd part of my Willpower Series. I review how to stop your willpower from draining, If-Then Planning, and more! This is the 3rd part of a multi-part video series on how to work with and around your willpower, how to strengthen it, and how to boost it.