VIDEO: Optimizing Sleep Part 8–Why Sleep Meds or Alcohol Are Not The Solution to Your Sleep Problems

We’ve all been there. We’re lying in bed but we feel too keyed-up to sleep.

This is what I refer to as Physiological Activation (PA), which is the 2nd of the 3 major causes of non-clinical sleep problems (I’ve already covered Circadian Rhythm Disruption and will soon have videos on the last one, Cognitive Overaactivation).

PA refers to when our brain and body are too revved up to sleep. When our sympathetic nervous system (think stress or fight-flight system) is activated.

In desperation, we often turn to something that we hope will have an immediate effect to calm us down. For some of us this includes sleep medication or alcohol.

In this video I’m going to review why using sleep medication or alcohol are not good ideas when it comes to reducing physiological activation in order to help us sleep.

To watch it, click on the title below:

VIDEO: Why Sleep Meds or Alcohol Are Not The Solution to Your Sleep Problems–Optimizing Sleep Part 8

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