VIDEO: Can’t Turn Your Mind Off in Order to Sleep? Try This! – Optimizing Sleep Part 16

Do you struggle with turning your mind off in order to sleep?

In this video, I review how to deal with a chattering mind. I teach you how to stop yourself from getting hooked by, fused with, or caught up in your thoughts, worries, ruminations, and feelings when trying to sleep.

With practice, you will strengthen a function of your mind known as Meta-Cognition (aka the Observing Self). Over time, you’ll find that you’ll be less and less of a victim to your mind’s whims when you try to sleep.

This is the first video in my last series of videos on the 3rd major cause of suboptimal sleep, Cognitive Over-Activation.​​

Note, this is also one of the best strategies to help you deal with unhelpful thoughts (e.g., worry and rumination) and feelings (e.g., irritability, anxiety, low mood) during the day that pull you away from the present moment or what you should be focusing on.

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