The Business of Health Show: Dr. Chris Friesen – Know Yourself For Success

Dr. Chris Friesen – Know Yourself For Success

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Something a lot of self-help, wellness and personal development books neglect to cover is a thorough analysis of YOU…

So you can really get clarity on your strengths and weaknesses and come up with an intelligent plan.

Not in Dr Chris Friesen’s book ACHIEVE – a must-read for yourself and your clients/customers/patients to discover how to accomplish what we’re all capable of.

There’s a HUGE amount of stuff you can takeaway for yourself, teach to your audience, and implement in your own life to make your path to achieving your goals faster and more intelligent.

We covered:

– How Dr Chris learnt the two sides to motivation and performance psychology as a young hockey player and from the “School of Hard Knocks”

– Why most personal development books that assume we’re all alike miss the mark by giving us a plan on WHAT to do, rather than help us discover WHO we are as we execute on a strategy

– The characteristics and traits of successful people

– The 80 years of psychology research Dr Chris has leant upon to help you discover exactly who you are – strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and personality

– The “Big 5” Personality tendencies…

– How your personality and character fits into the ‘Spectrum’ of each of these…

– And how they can both HELP and HINDER your journey towards achieving your goals – depending on the circumstance or situation you’re in…

– And how greater self-awareness will help you mitigate your weaknesses and leverage your strengths

– Why it’s NOT always bad if you have negative thoughts about yourself or your work…

– Why it’s OK to be ‘introverted’ or ‘extroverted’…

– And how to be a high-performer when you don’t naturally have high levels of motivation

– If/Then Plans (or how to DOUBLE your productivity and how fast you can achieve your goals)

– Dr Chris’ homework for you – if you’ve never heard of the 5 Minute Rule (but you like getting s*** done), you’ll love this