Creative Warriors Podcast: Chris Friesen – Achievement From The Inside-Out

WARRIOR of Values


Who doesn’t want to achieve great things in their life? Isn’t that why you listen to Creative Warriors— to get ideas, be inspired and learn how you can achieve your goals? Our guest today is an expert not only in goal setting and achieving what you want, but will also know’s the importance of working from the inside-out, understanding yourself first to achieve your goals.

Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D. is a psychologist who has always been fascinated by what makes people successful. He is a licensed clinical, forensic, and neuropsychologist and, now primarily helps Olympic, and up-and-coming elite athletes, as well as other high achievers such as professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and writers, achieve their personal and professional potential.

Chris is currently Director of Friesen Sport & Performance Psychology, a contributor for, and author of ACHIEVE: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, And How To Make It Happen. We dig into Chris’s work and get down to some excellent specifics to help you on the road to achieving success!

WARRIOR of Values

“You can’t jump into goal setting and productivity before you do the groundwork.” -Chris Friesen

Highlights –

  • Five personality tendencies
  • Using imagery to achieve your goals
  • 4-simple tips for goal setting
  • 5-minute rule
  • If-then planning

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